17 April 2014

All of the lovely things!

Morning Lovelies!

Well we had a few lovely sunny days this week - was that summer do you think?! I hope you managed to enjoy the nice weather, I was working but managed to have a nice evening in the garden with Zoe and Martin - Zoe loves watering the flowers, although she does seem to prefer watering her toes!

Here are a few things that have made me smile this week:

> Lucy from Attic 24 has blogged about her new bag! It's so colourful and I am so, so tempted to buy a Lucy pack of wool so that I can make one too - I probably have enough yarn though (said no-one, ever!!).

> This post from the Sparkly Panda: 'I just love all the things' - I completely identify with Rhiannon - there is so much that I want to do, so many interests, and I just don't have the time! When I do get time to myself, I spend so much time deciding what I want to do that I run out of time to actually do it!!

> This post from ohnorachio about creating a strong brand image is so useful, and something that I want to work on for my brand. Now to decide on the colours!! I'm thinking pink and turquoise - what do you think?

>Jo from the Perfect Hiding Place has blogged about what she's currently working on - her WIPs! I have too many WIPs at the moment and have more that I want to get started on - namely a pair of crochet socks! I must finish what I start!!

> The Imagination Tree has an awesome 'recipe' for glitter salt dough - I have got to try this for Zoe to play with - think about the gift-giving opportunities! Here Grandma - a lump of dough that Zoe licked and then poked with her finger! How adorable!

> I am in love with this foxy necklace from the Tattooed Lady shop - and £1 of every sale goes to charity! Woop!!

What have you found this week that you think I would like? Let me know in the comments!

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7 April 2014

Insta-Update #4

Hello Lovelies!

Here's Insta-update number 4 - these are so much fun! I'm a bit behind on these - the last one was put on the blog on 13 March, but all the photos were from February! So here's a few more Instagram pics for you to enjoy!

This is what we have been up to lately:

While having a lovely little pootle into town one lunchtime I passed the Lonsdale cinema, that (as you can see) is in the process of being demolished. There was a lot of discussion and debate when it closed for good in 2006 about what to do with the building, however it sat empty for years and was eventually bought up by the new 'aparthotel' next door, the Halston, and they are turning the land into a car park. It's a shame that there wasn't enough support to keep it open, luckily though, they kept the two Art Deco windows (hidden behind a bingo sign for musky years), one has been gifted to the city by the hotel, and the other will be on display within the hotel itself. Yay!! 

I actually walked past it again more recently and there is a huuuuge hole in the back wall now, you can see right inside to the auditorium - pretty cool!  

On world book day Zoe had to dress up as her favourite book character. I know Peppa Pig is really a TV character, but Zoe has a lot of Peppa books, and she does love Peppa. However, as you can see, she didn't exactly enjoy being dressed as Peppa!! I spent ages making those ears as well! 

(By the way, that isn't a life-size Peppa standing next to her, I'm just holding it closer to the camera. I thought I should explain that as someone thought it was a giant Peppa that was scaring Zoe!!)

Zoe was very happy to get a big girl bed! We actually got the frame off Freecycle, so just had to buy a mattress (thanks to Diane for getting it all the way from IKEA Newcastle!). We've also got her a Peppa Pig duvet set which is in the wash at the moment.

I think the bed has made a BIG difference to her sleeping patterns, if she wakes up during the night it is a lot easier to get her back to sleep i.e. She will actually just get her dummy back in and a bit of a rub on her tummy/back and she's off to sleep. When she was in the cot she wouldn't lie back down, we had to take her out and snuggle her in then try to put her back down without waking her up - not very successful and usually meant one of us (me) being awake for up to an hour each time she woke, which could have been a few times a night. I've also noticed that if she comes into bed with us now she fidgets about and it takes her a long time to get back to sleep - I'm thinking that she likes having her own space in her bed. And I know that I like having my bed back too!!! 

I thought Zoe's outfit looked very spring-like and with the pink duvet cover and yellow wall I thought this would be a pretty colourful spring-y photo!! Zoe decided to do a Becky Bedbug style pose too which was super cute!!

If you haven't heard of Becky, head over there now! She's one of my favourite bloggers, I always look forward to her posts, and love seeing what she's been getting up to and seeing her cute outfits! 

Off you go, I'll just wait here...

Ah you're back! Hi!!

This day was pretty awesome. I booked onto a course for work about LinkedIn in Newcastle with the very lovely Jo from The Perfect Hiding Place. The training was only from 12.00 - 2.30 so we figured we could have some fun in Newcastle too!! 

After a very fast walk up to Primark, I did the fastest ever whiz round in the history of ever, and managed to get a dress, a scarf and some red leggings too! I didn't have time to try all the shoes I wanted to though so didn't end up buying any. 

After the training event (which was very useful and also - yummy lunch!) we headed into Chinatown for some bubble tea, passing this post box on the way - probably the oldest one I've seen in real life!! Very exiting for me, I think I may have worried Jo with the level of excitement I was showing for a post box!! 

Jo went to meet Jen so I had a very quiet train ride home across the country, watching YouTube videos and watching out for all the little lambs in the fields. Cute! 

Well I hope you enjoyed this little update, and it is also my 100th post!!! Yay!! 

Linking up with 'the week that was captured':

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3 April 2014

Interview with Becki from The Explorer on mental health issues

Afternoon Lovelies!

This is pretty hard for me...

I recently did an interview with the lovely Becki from The Explorer blog about my experiences with mental health. I haven't talked about it much here (if at all), but maybe now is a good time to share.

Here's the interview: Raising the Roof with Anna - please be nice! You can come back and let me know what you think as well if you want...

If you want, go and have a little read of my interview, and then read all of the other interviews Becki has done. She's doing a fantastic job raising awareness, so if you feel like spreading the work, go for it!!

So that I'm not posting without a photo, here's Zoe in a hat!

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19 March 2014

A Mother's Day Wishlist

Morning Lovelies!

This will be my second Mother's Day as a mummy to little Zoe - it doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago she was giving me last year's card and gifts!! She's grown so much!!

This year I thought I would do a little 'wish-list' post as I have seen a whole heap of gifts this year. I've already got my Mum some presents, I still have one to make for her though! And Martin, if you are reading this - there is no such thing as having 'too many' handbags!!

What have you got for your Mum this year?

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13 March 2014

Insta-update #3

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to Inst-update numero three-o!!

I'm loving doing these monthly Instagram updates on the blog - if you want to follow me on Instagram you can do so - I am @walkthedust on there (as I am most places) so just follow me!!

 photo 4F776DE9-80D1-42B0-B03C-5F2F91297A04_zps2td1i9y9.jpg
Back at the start of February I did a wedding fair with my mum, and we introduced our new range - everyone commented on them, they were really popular!! (If you are getting married soon why not have a look on the Special Occasions website - shameless plug!!)

 photo 5416C39B-672E-4D44-B0C4-D125588F912D_zps4s89ljet.jpg

I spotted this awesome notebook when we were through at Gene and Diane's house one Sunday for dinner and had to snap it!! How adorable!! Love it!!


Zoe and Martin made this super tall tower that was bigger than Zoe! She enjoyed trying to blow it over, when that didn't work she just pushed it over! She thought it was hilarious!! 

 photo F66EB871-4E4A-4E5E-A060-34573BBD1942_zpsy8vmxlwh.jpg

In the middle of February we went to my Dad's house for dinner and a sleepover. My Dad only lives the other side of Carlisle but it meant that we could stay later than 8 as Zoe went to bed upstairs and we could have a cheeky wine too!! It was lovely being back at my Dad's and he did one of his epic breakfasts the next day - yummy!! 

 photo 1086E864-D466-4B71-BC24-0119F5190F1B_zpsewdnwaxc.jpg

I caught this snap of Genghis, he hasn't been on the blog for a while so here you are! Spot the wonky eye!

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10 March 2014

Bedtime Routines

Hello Lovelies!

This week's 'Share it Sunday' theme on ohsoamelia.com is bedtime routines, and as this is one of the most discussed topics at the breastfeeding group I go to, I thought it would be good to write a post all about Zoe's bedtime routines and sleeping habits from when we brought her home through to today.

We didn't really have a pre-bed routine with Zoe until she was about 6 months old - before that we would take her upstairs when she looked tired and give her a bath and then PJs, books, boob and bed! From 6 months or so, we tried to stick to a proper routine of bath at 7.00, nuddie time at 7.30 (when she can run about with no clothes on and burn off any excess energy - she loves it!!), then into PJs, read some books, and having her bedtime milk by 8.00 at the latest.

I remember in the hospital the night after having Zoe, she wouldn't settle in the cot, so I ended up sleeping with her on my chest - i got into trouble from the nurses for doing that! To be honest, my adrenaline was so high that I didn't really sleep much that night anyway!!

We brought Zoe home and she slept in the moses basket at the side of our bed (and then at the bottom of our bed) for about 3 months or so. When she woke through the night I would feed her sitting up in bed and then put her back in her moses basket. Sometimes I would fall asleep with her in bed but usually she'd go back in her basket.

When she got too big for her moses basket, we attempted to move her into the cot in her room. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't! I would feed her on our bed until she was asleep and then carry her though to her cot. Occasionally she would wake up, this became more and more regular until in the end she wouldn't go in her cot at all! We ended up completely co-sleeping for a few months, probably from when she was about 6 or 7 months old until she was 10 or 11 months old. We would put her to sleep in our bed and she'd stay there all night with us.


As I breastfed Zoe almost exclusively until she was about 15 months old, it made sense to have her in bed with us - if she woke up for a snack through the night, she could get easy access, and it meant that neither of us really woke up - she just seemed to find her way to my boob in her sleep! Lovely times!!

Zoe is 19 months old now and the routine is that she will go to sleep in her cot, but wake up at any time from 11 onwards and come into bed with us. I am happy with this arrangement (as is Martin) as it means that all 3 of us get a good night's sleep. If I try to get her to go back in her cot after waking up, it can take a couple of hours to get her back to sleep - I can't be doing with that when I work!!

We have a toddler bed for her - we are just waiting for the mattress to arrive - so I'm hoping once she has her new bed she might sleep better - but I'm not counting on it!

I'm sure that she will sleep through when she's ready!

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6 March 2014


Hi there lovelies!

If you have been hanging around this little blog for a while now, you may remember that just before I went back to work after my maternity leave (June 2013 I think it was), I did a month with a theme - it was 'Other People's Houses' month - do you remember?

I had guest posts from the lovely Sunae and Joanna, and a house tour too.

Well - I was sorting out some files on the PC today and I came across this video. It was supposed to be an introduction to the month, instead of a blog post. In the end I just wrote a post introducing the month. I've just watched the video and couldn't stop giggling - what my point was I have no idea as I go all over the place!

If you want a bit of giggle (and to hear what I do sound like - when I'm doing my posh phone voice anyway) then have a look!! Oh, and make sure you watch it to the end - I get very upset about bacon!!!

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