26 February 2015

Pregnancy: Week 29 update

Hello Lovelies! 

When I found out I was 'up stick' again, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to keep a record on the blog of each week, how I felt, what had happened, and all that jazz. But yeah. That didn't work, did it? The original plan was to do these update type posts from 12 weeks so let's just pretend I've been doing this all along shall we?! 

Wow, taking your own bump photos is pretty hard!!


Sprout weighs about 1kg and he measures about 39cm from head to toe. 

Due date

Our due date was confirmed at the 12 week scan as being 14 May and it hasn't changed since. 

How far along

29 weeks and 3 days. 


We aren't finding out the gender this time, we didn't with Zoe either. I have a feeling Sprout is a boy, but then again, I thought Zoe would be a boy so who knows?!! 

Stretch marks

I've been lucky so far in that I've only found a few marks on my tummy. Last time I didn't get any until the birth - I had an emergency c-section with Zoe and it was only afterwards I spotted stretch marks on one side of the scar. 

Belly button

Still an 'innie' but only just! If I move my tummy muscles a certain way it pops out!! 


I usually wake up at least once for a wee through the night, but it's Zoe that's causing more sleep issues than Sprout. Maybe I'll do a post alllll about Zoe's amazing sleep habits! Basically she comes into our bed at some point through the night. Sigh. 


I've been drinking a lot of milk and milkshakes, and eating a lot of mini eggs (not a craving really, they are just yummy haha!). 


How much detail so you want?! I've been getting terrible heartburn for months now, hence the milk drinking! A bottle of Gaviscon is never far away! I've also been feeling some pain in my hips, lower tummy area and 'undercarriage' when walking. I've mostly just been feeling huge and uncomfortable. Also piles. Joy. 


Sprout is fairly wiggly, the last few weeks I've been able to see him moving as well as feel him. Although the last few days I think he's fashioned a stabbing device out of a rib or something as he keeps jabbing me in the ribs with something pointy! (Probably an elbow but it feels so sharp!!). 

What I'm missing

Red wine! I got some non-alcoholic wine from Sainsbury's a while ago, which was ok but was basically grape juice. I'd love a proper glass of Pinot Noir! 

What I'm looking forward to

I have a half-day off work on Tuesday so am looking forward to that! My Mum has also promised me a weekend away in Newcastle, including cinema, dinner and shopping! Yay! 

Best moment this week

Zoe singing Baa Baa Black Sheep and when she's finished the first 'verse' putting her finger up and saying 'me not finished yet mummy!' Before singing the next part! It was so cute! I know this isn't Sprout-related but it was sooooo sweet!!

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24 February 2015

Weekend Round-up: Soggy Bums and Shelving (TWTWC #1)

Hello lovelies! 

I'm going to attempt to do these weekly sort of round up posts, and link up with Hannah's linky at Make, do and push. I used to do this a while ago, but haven't for a year or so, so I'm starting again at #1! Oh and I'm also linking up this week with the #PointShoot linky on YouBabyMeMummy.

It was a pretty busy week at work, with a couple of events being held that I had been working on for a few months - luckily they both ran really smoothly - yay!


Usually on a Friday Zoe and I pootle along to Rhyme Time for a sing and a dance with some of our friends, but it wasn't on this week because of half-term, so off we went on the bus to the park. Zoe loves going on the bus, especially going past the castle - she gets very excited if they have the flags out! After playing in the park (and getting soggy bums) we went to Costa for hot chocolate and brownies - Zoe got some marshmallows too!

Friday evening my mum and step-dad came round for tea, I was a bit emotional (silly pregnancy hormones!) and burst into tears as soon as my mum walked through the door, but after a cuddle and some fish and chips I was fine!


Martin's best buddy Tony came to stay on Friday night so that they could get up early and go walking in the lakes. So it was an early start for all of us on Saturday. Once the boys had left, Zoe and I went into town to meet my mum and Zoe's cousins, for coffee (grown-ups) and a play (kiddos). Then we went to story time at the Carlisle Book Shop, an independent book shop in Carlisle that has a free story time session every Saturday, with biscuits, juice and crafts! This week the story was 'All Mine' about a naughty seagull that kept stealing food off a poor little mouse. Aww! Oh, and Zoe sat in a helicopter too! And our hoover broke (again)! Boo!


Another busy day! Zoe and I popped out for half an hour to get out of the way while Martin was getting the sitting room ready for his Dad coming to put up some shelves. It's musical bedrooms upstairs in preparation for Sprout arriving - we are moving into the spare room, and Sprout will have our old room. But a lot of our books are in the spare room so we need to move all of those out before we can do anything, hence the shelves being installed in the sitting room.

When we got back, Martin's Mum and Dad arrived, so Martin and his Dad started doing manly stuff with drills - time for us to go! Martin's Mum took Zoe and me out for lunch (yum!) - thank you!! When we got home it was time for Zoe and me to go to Zoe's cousin's 4th birthday party, where we saw lots of family, had cake, and Zoe 'helped' Ashton open his presents. Back home to a roast dinner expertly cooked by Martin before rolling into bed early! Phew!

Hopefully next weekend will be a bit calmer!

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You Baby Me Mummy

17 February 2015

What's been occurring?

Hello Lovelies!

Well I haven't blogged since September - poor effort Anna!! One of the (many) reasons I stopped blogging was that we found out we were expecting baby number 2 in October and the morning all day sickness and tiredness meant that all I wanted to do when not at work was sleep. So blogging took a back seat.


But that doesn't really explain the lack of blogging happening over here does it? To be honest I sort of lost heart a bit with it all but I'm hoping to spend more time over here on this little bit of the Internet. 

So what's been happening lately? 

Christmas and New Year was lovely!
I've been nesting, so lots of de-cluttering, sorting, and list making ready for baby arriving in May!
I got a gorgeous new planner! Post coming soon!
We've had some lovely days out with family, seeing steam trains and castles.
Carlisle had lots of lovely snow a while ago and Zoe had so much fun!

I'll be back soon with a post about our day out at Barnard Castle, as well as a few pregnancy and baby related posts!

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12 September 2014

The Reading Tag 2014

Hello Lovelies!

I saw this tag over on Catherine's blog and as she tagged 'anyone and everyone' I thought that I would do it too! I've seen various book and reading tags floating around for a while now and wanted to do a video, but then I chickened out! Boo!!

I certainly don't get as much time to read as I did BZ (before Zoe), but that just means that I really savor those moments I do get a chance to curl up with a book! 

The reading tag 2014 - my to read list

Do you have a certain place for reading at home?
There are a couple of places I like to read - number one is in bed - comfy, cosy, sleepy time! I find that I sleep a lot better when I read before bed than if I go on my phone. The second is in the bath - not that I have time for long baths these days, but when I do I like to fill the tub with the hottest water I can stand, turn myself pink like a lobster, and (if it is the evening time) have a glass of cold white wine while surrounded by bubbles (usually from Lush!). Perfect!

Bookmark or random piece of paper?
At the moment I'm using a card that I was sent by Newton and the Apple when I bought Martin's fater's day presnet form Zoe - it's a little card with constelations on that says something like 'You are a star - a super shiny one' and it also says 'thank you anna!' on it - it makes me smile!

Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter or a certain number of pages?
I can usually stop anywhere if I'm tired and then can pick up where I am again quite easily, although if it is a super exciting 'page-turner' type of book, I tell myself 'one more chapter' then ignore myself and keep reading! 

Do you eat or drink when reading?
On the rare occasions I get the chance to have an afternoon read then a cup of tea is my drink of choice. As I said above, bath = booze!!

One book at a time or several at once?
Usually one book at a time, although if I get a graphic novel mid-way through a long book, then I'll take a night or two out to read the graphic novel instead. It's nice to have a break sometimes! I would struggle to read two fiction books at the same time though - I have enough trouble remembering the plot of one!

Reading at home or everywhere?
At home, I don't really have the opportunity to read anywhere else usually. Although if I have to go on a train journey I'll take a book with me (but sometimes it makes me feel a bit squiffy - especially those pendolinos!!). 

Reading out loud or silently in your head?
The only time I read out loud is when I'm reading to Zoe, and then I like to put on silly voices. The mouse in the Gruffalo is always super camp when I read his voice though - and the snake has a lisp! Please tell me that other mums do this too?!?!

Do you ever read ahead or skip pages?
Sometimes my eyes will 'accidentally' skip down the page - especially if it's an exciting bit! I don't like to skip pages in case I miss something exciting, or crucial to the plot. 

Breaking the spine or keeping it new?
Sorry - I break spines! Does that make me a bad reader? I don't care!! 

Do you ever write in books?
No! I did once, a looong time ago - I tried analysing a book like it was some sort of GCSE coursework project. Sad or what?

What are you currently reading?
I'm reading The Tudor Princess by Darcey Bonnette which Martin bought me for my birthday. Or our anniversary. I can't remember! I do have a massive pile of books to read though and I'm eagerly awaiting Insurgent coming out in paperback! 

I will also tag anyone and everyone! Leave me a comment if you do this tag!

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5 September 2014

Zoe's Birthday Party!

Hello Lovelies!

On 16 August our little Zoe turned two! How did that happen, I do not know! We had a quiet morning opening presents, and then at 2pm family started arriving for the little party. I should have taken some photos of the decorations I did - a yarn-covered number '2', some tissue paper pom-poms in mint green and pink, and a little yarn pom-pom bunting. Very cute!! I also stuck photos of Zoe along the wall which people loved looking at, and finding themselves in the photos too!

Here are a few photos from the day:

Zoe taking a little break from opening her presents to sit in the giant cardboard box!

Zoe's dress was bought by Martin's Mum - it has loads of little shoes and bags on it! She didn't want to wear her pretty party shoes either, but these winter boots - that's some style you got there Zoe!!

One of her presents was this umberella - she walked around for ages saying 'rain! rain!' and poking people with the brolly! Please note the footwear change to blue mock-crocs with socks - another fashion faux-pas Zoe!

 Blowing out the candles on her Thomas cake with Daddy - who managed to singe her fringe just after this photo was taken! 

We sang happy birthday to her three times - the first time she blushed and went so shy - it was super cute!! 

What was your best birthday?

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2 September 2014

What I brought home from Woolfest 2014

Hello Lovelies

Wow, so this post has been sat in my drafts for a while! Remember back in June I went to Woolfest with my most amazing godmother Penny? No worries if you can't (it was aaaages ago!) - you can have a little read about my exciting day here.

Anywho - I said that I would share with you all of the lovely things I brought home with me and here they are!

First of all I just want to show you all of the lovely business cards and leaflets that I picked up from the various stands and stalls. Aren't they bright and cheery! I love keeping little bits and pieces like these, and if I was a more organised person I'm sure that they would be stuck in a scrapbook. But alas I am not organised and they are in a paper bag on my dressing table. Sigh.

This was my 'big treat' from the day - I didn't have a lot of money to spend so I wanted to get one skein of yarn that was soft and squishy and bright, so that I could have a go at crocheting a shawl/scarf type of thing. This is the yarn that I picked. It's from easyknits.co.uk and it's called Unicorn Dreams. And it sparkles. Need I say any more?!?! It's a 4 ply/sock weight yarn so perfect for a shawl, and I've almost finished it! I'm using this pattern from A la Sascha on Etsy and it's called the Windmill Shawl. There are quite a few mistakes in it, but there is no way I'm frogging it back - it's taken me so long to make!! Once I'm finished I will surely do an Attic24-style 'Ta-Da' post for you all!

This lovely spiral of gorgeousness was my other purchase of the day. Actually, Penny bought me it (thanks Penny!), not so that I could have a go at spinning (as much as I would love to I just don't think I have time for another crafty hobby!), but so that I can use it in my needle felting. I wrote a little post a while back all about needle felting, and even reviewed a book too. But I really want to use these tops for a flat needle felted picture, that I am imaging I would then stick on a bit of card and send to a lovely person. Whether I ever get round to it or not is another matter! In the meantime I just enjoy giving it a squish whenever I come accross it in my stash.

I'm planning on popping to Yarndale at the end of the month, so no doubt there will be more purchases and another post coming up all about that. I want to meet Lucy from Attic24 but am a bit scared I will go all fangirly and scare the bejeebus out of her.

Anyone else going to Yarndale? See you there!

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30 July 2014

What's it all about anyway?

Hello Lovelies!

I've been thinking a lot about this little blog lately. About why I blog, what I want to blog about, how I wish I had more time to spend on the blog, about other fantastic bloggers, about the type of blogs I read and why I read them.

A lot of thinking about things you'll agree!

I was talking to two of my fellow Cumbrian Bloggers yesterday over lunch - Jo and Anna - about some of these things. I always said that I never wanted to do a 'sorry I haven't updated the blog in forever!' style post, because a) I don't think that many people would even realise that I hadn't been blogging and b) you get all kinds of guilty feelings when you start to think like that.

Jo asked me yesterday "Do you ever not post for ages and then just feel like quitting?" - I know exactly what she means, although I don't feel like quitting. I try my hardest not to feel pressure to blog, but the fact that I actually have a blog is pressure itself, even if that pressure only comes from me.

In all aspects of my life, I seem to want to do everything. At work, I'm the one who volunteers for everything. Martin has said to me recently that I shouldn't start any new hobbies as I have enough stuff going on already. He was talking about loom bands, which to be honest, I lost interest in after about a week.

So what is the point of this (actually pretty random and rambly) post?

I guess it's to say to any of my readers (if I have any) that I'm still about, even though it's like the Marie Celeste over here. I'm enjoying spending time with my family, and enjoying the sunny weather (which now seems to have disappeared), I'm enjoying reading books in bed with Martin, and I'm enjoying spending (some of) my evenings exercising (yes - that's right - me! Exercise! Ha!).

I'm sure that at some point I'll pop back on over - I have lots of posts in my drafts folder (including some Woolfest related ones). They aren't going to go anywhere though, they will still be sitting there patiently waiting for me to sit down in front of my laptop with a cup of tea.

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